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About us

About us

A mission: to work together to promote steel in construction

An association established under the French law of 1 July 1901, ConstruirAcier’s mission is to promote the use of steel in the building and public works sectors.  ConstruirAcier offers innovative communication, providing a practical, professional and groundbreaking dimension to the use of steel.  Following the logic of the building process, from design to completion, the association operates in three priority action areas:

  • architects, consulting engineers and developers, to develop awareness of steel and to communicate the advantages of steel through site visits, technical conferences and documentation.
  • teaching staff and students in schools of engineering and architecture, to support and expand the teaching of steel construction.  Through the provision of lectures, the organisation of competitions for students, the publication of documents and books, ConstruirAcier provides teaching staff with the necessary support and teaching materials to teach steel construction in a lively and practical manner.
  • all other protagonists in the construction sector for appropriate use of steel, its manufacture, processing and applications.

A vocation: to be the dynamic communication vehicle for the commitment of the entire sector

Uniting the stakeholders in the steel community in all the diversity of their respective but complementary trades, the ConstruirAcier association is primarily a platform for deliberation and action wholly devoted to the promotion of steel in construction.  Unifying the industry through its communication, today it is established as a forum that helps to attract and retain specifiers’ attention with regard to the architectural, financial and environmental challenges taken up by the steel sector in the field of construction.

ConstruirAcier est une association loi 1901 dont l'objectif est de promouvoir l'architecture et la construction métallique. Représentant l'ensemble de la filière acier, elle a vocation à faire connaître les atouts de l'utilisation des aciers auprès des architectes, bureaux d'études, ingénieurs, enseignants, étudiants et dans les ouvrages de construction de bâtiments et de travaux publics.